We are delighted to be able to ship our full range of olive oils to you within the EU. Whether as a private person or a business, it is our pleasure to see our oil safely delivered to your door, so that you can enjoy and share our oils of the highest quality, we are passionate about producing.

GRZ_9094To confirm your needs and to give you an export price offer, please contact us by email. We are committed to getting you the right oils for your culinary tastes at the very best transport price possible.

We are also committed to deliver our product in perfect condition and for that reason we ship in specially designed thermal anti-impact boxes. Each box can accommodate:

  • 6 x 1L bottles
  • 6 x 0,5L bottles
  • 12 x 0,25L bottles

Thermal anti-impact packagingFor more information about shipping your door anywhere in the world please contact us at:

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