2012 or 2013?

Brother bottlesWith the last of our oils being snapped up from the 2012 harvest, the question has been asked too many times – Which is the better oil right now… 2012 or 2013?

We are afraid to say that this wonderful choice is for you to decide. Ordinarily one would go for the newer oil but for those who visited Istra during summer 2012, will recall that it was brutally hot and dry.

As a result we got really great oils, that were very, very intense. Quality for sure but a little overpowering at the time. Now those oils have really come into season, much later than even we expected.

Harvest 2013 was a classic crop, balanced and full of taste as one can expect from a quality Istrian oil, but harvest 2012 is making a late comeback, finding it’s soul late in the season. If you want to try both be warned,  we are saying goodbye to the very last of the 2012 crop – Seline is already gone so don’t miss the rest.

As ever, as we believe – the choice is yours. We know either way you will have a fantastic oil good for many months to come.