A gift of nature

IMG_0803 - KopieDuring the late part of the summer we were delighted to have on a tour with us Rebecca Hartje and her partner with whom we shared many beliefs about respect for nature when harvesting it’s natural wonders. Rebecca is a young honey producer from Germany and we really enjoyed learning from her about honey production in Germany and the many challenges involved.

honigAfter a beautiful evening walking around the olive grove under a few light rain showers we were given a jar of her honey as a gift and we are enjoying it so much. Thank you Rebecca for making a very special day for us and sharing your experience with us.

Rebecca had this to say for the day: Being able to share the passion for working with mother nature to produce great foods really enhanced my experience of Istria. I have not had the chance yet to start experimenting with your Delicato oil but it complemented the homemade pumpkin soup with ginger and roasted bread we had today perfectly. And I will have to save some of it for next spring to try it on my strawberry and rucola salad with parmesan 😉

You can find more about this great honey on Rebecca’s facebook page:


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