A perfect day with Glavani & Brist Olive

image58We are always looking for those who share our passion for looking after guests in Istria, bring something that is very much about Istria and that have family at the heart of what they do.

Glavani adrenaline park though quite different to the calm of olive oil tasting at the Brist Olive Oil Shop fulfills all of the above important things. Also like Brist there is a foreign connection with Englishman Nigel Simpson at the heart of things just like Irishman Paul O’Grady with Brist. So if you want great action then to take your rest with us while tasting great oil or vice versa we are all but 15 minutes drive apart. Brist in Vodnjan & Glavani in Barban.

  • Nevenko Bulic 098 224 314. Speaks Croatian, English and Italian.
  • Nigel Simpson 091 896 4525. Speaks English, plus a little Croatian.
  • But, much easier is to email us at…office@glavanipark.com

Whomever you visit you will be sure to receive a great welcome and an authentic taste of Istria.

More info: https://www.glavanipark.com/index.php/en/2014-06-06 18.19.10