Corporate Group Tastings

Just one day after the new oils of harvest 2014 came out, we were sharing them with the International Women’s Club of Zagreb. Tastings for over 100 people are a lot of fun but doing them well is very different to how we do tastings with smaller groups and in the shop. The Sheraton Hotel was an excellent venue for the new oil’s first day out after harvest 2014.

A lot of energy was involved and the response was really great. What we especially enjoyed was having a group that consisted of over 40 nationalities all at the same time. We observed that each of our world cultures recognizes and furthermore values certain taste sensations, so it was a real international blind test of our oils. We are delighted to say that the feedback was not only positive but also wonderfully intuitive.

Even after many hours of blending the week before, we were delighted that some of our group picked up new tastes and fragrances. For us that is what the process is really about – sharing experience, learning and enjoying.

We love events like these and continue to be committed in bringing our oils to a wider audience. It takes a lot of work to do it well – but it is worth it.

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