Brist party in Idaho

Some 9000km our bottles traveled to make it to one happy and soon to be even healthier extended family in the US. During the early summer of 2014 Rebecca Hauder visited us with some family and enjoyed an afternoon with us at the shop in Vodnjan. Flying the oil back was not really an option in their cases as they wanted to have enough to cover their needs for the next year and beyond so we shipped it. It being a long trip, I suggest it would be best value if she ship a larger amount all that distance and sure enough – one woman on a mission brought what oil she did bring home around the neighborhood and in no time had orders to make a shipment.

Thank you Rebecca for being an ambassador of our oil and our passion for producing it. We are very proud  to see our oils in Boise – Idaho, and wish the whole family happiness and health until we see you again.IMG_1214