Exclusive Selection


Uno ExclusiveLet us introduce you to the newest member of out olive oil family – and the oldest at the same time. Brist Exclusive Selection is the culmination of many years hard work in perfecting our methodology to bring you the most exceptional of olive oils.

Exclusive Selection is a varietal oil made from olives of the Vodnjan Buža variety, hand picked and hand selected by our family. Chosen with care from the very best of our century old trees. This EVOO is a limited edition and is available at the Brist Olive Oil Shop in Vodnjan or by ordering directly. We look forward to sharing this very special and unique gift with you.

Varietal (Vodnjan Buža) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavour:  A full bodied oil, with a natural balance of fruity, grassy and spicy tones. Elegant in its complexity.

Use:  Finishing hot, warm and cold dishes.

Serving recommendation: Recommended with a variety of salads, mature cheeses, grilled fish and chicken, roasted vegetables, legume and cereal soups, or simply as a dip with a sprinkle of sea salt and some homemade bread. 

Olive Variety:

Vodnjan Buža

Our Process:  Our milling process is second to none, cold milled – centrifuge and then the oil is permitted to rest before the filtering process. We simply don’t know where you could get your hands on a better olive oil. Every stage of the process is of the highest standard and for the below reasons, we know you won’t find better.

  • Istria has perfect growing latitude
  • South Istria has a 2000 year tradition in growing oil
  • Considered the best empire by the Romans (and worldwide by Flos Olei, the recognised olive oil expert guide)
  • Istria has exceptional soil, clean rain and salt laden winds
  • We select from only the finest of our century old trees
  • Hand picked
  • Hand selected
  • To milling in under three hours
  • Cold milled
  • Centrifuge spun
  • Stored in stainless steel vats
  • Stored under nitrogen to prevent oxygenisation
  • Gently filtered
  • Bottled with special valve caps to prevent oxidation
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Braille labeling for the blind
  • Pure Vodnjan Buža (varietal)

We look forward to sharing this very special and unique gift with you.


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