Growing the future

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Vision & Mission

VISION – what do we want to achieve?

  • To create a product of the highest quality and superb taste which is highly beneficial to the health of our clients / customers 
  • To create a product that can be enjoyed and shared within families on an everyday basis.
  • To create a range of products related to the olive – like olive leaf tea, table olives, dried olives, olive spreads – all from olives from our own grove.
  • To share our knowledge and experience about olive growing and oil production.
  • To collaborate with agronomy experts, scientists and health specialists.
  • To communicate the above with care, passion and transparency to the wider public, and to create around us a network of those who freely share their thoughts with us on everything that we do.

MISSION – how do we want do it?

  • By using the most contemporary knowledge on olive growing and oil production.
  • By always directing our focus towards responsible and ecologically sensitive growing and production.
  • By further developing educational tours through our grove, tasting education at locations including our shop, and building new facilities for the development of our product range.
  • By always asking for and listening to the feedback from our guests, clients and partners.
  • By collaborating with the scientific community in the areas of technology and health.
  • By constantly educating our team and broadening our knowledge such that we can communicate with care, passion and transparency to the wider public..

On the Past We Build the Future

Growing is about learning and combining new methodology and technology with the wisdom of the older generations, added to millennia of growing the finest olives and producing the finest oil in this exceptional region.

As important as out tradition is, we also believe that the future is where the best is to come. Some times we feel that as deeply as we are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grand parents and grandchildren we are maslinari – “olive people”.  What we do goes deep, and we are very grateful to have the chance to continue such a fulfilling tradition.

The next generation are getting ready. They are learning and we are too – we are taking our experience and teaching it on. We are looking forward to a future where we can keep doing what we are passionate about: seeding, growing, picking, milling, blending, bottling, presenting, educating and sharing our oils, in a way that we continue to be satisfied to share with our family and yours the best we can create.

As we enjoy the present, we look forward to the future and we hope very much to have the chance to share some time with you in our shop or on our grove, to teach, learn and most importantly – simply to enjoy.