Harvest Underway

Age before beautyIt’s been tricky picking a date to get started this year. Plenty of mixed weather and different olive types are ripening at different times. That said, this is what working in partnership with nature is all about.

DSCF5096We started off with picking our older trees, which because of their deeper roots have had access to more water through the dry mid summer and are therefore already bursting to become great extra virgin olive oil. I guess it applies for trees also – age before beauty!

Next weekend will see us pick the rest of the grove, which as I write are getting the final downpour of salt kissed Istrian rain. All in all, the olives are great and we are looking forward to starting the process of milling and filtering to bring once again the very highest quality oil to you and your family.

When the last olive is gathered next weekend on the day of family picking, we will sit under the unladen trees and enjoy a glass of Istrian wine, while sprinkling over fresh and traditionally produced meats and cheeses, the product of our labour. Once in vats the young olive oil will be given time to rest and settle before in late November we will bottle it for our friends and those who love olive oil.

In the meantime, Liam is getting ready for the family harvest. Armed with a long rake, no longer will he settle for only picking the lowest olives.

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