Marinski Heartmades (Sta Margherita)


Handmade Ceramics for Brist:

Marinski Heartmades are beautiful ceramic bowls crafted by the talented Croatian artist Marina Marinski created in collaboration with Brist in a limited edition. Evoking the Brist colors in organic forms of green, warm yellow and pink, with hand painted motifs of olives and leaves, they are an exquisite addition to your home. Perfect for serving olives, tapenades or olive oil dip. Each bowl is a unique piece, no two are exactly the same.

Virtual Selection:

If you would like to choose a specific design, email us straight after you order, so we can set up a video call so you can choose your favorite.


Comes in a beautifully designed carton box.


Ø 13cm, Height 7cm (approximate)


Marinski Heartmades are glazed and machine washable.

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