Full RangeBrist Olive is delighted to present to you our unique and unsurpassed range of gourmet olive oils. Each of our producers has selected their own balance of olive sorts which make each and every oil a very special tasting experience.

We have three ranges of extra virgin olive oils, all given exceptional care and attention to produce the very highest quality extra virgin olive oil possible.

Brist Oleum

High quality and versatile extra virgin olive oil suitable for cooking with, marinating and dressing dishes of all food varieties. Popular with top restaurants nationally and internationally.

Brist Premium

With three unique flavours to choose from one is spoiled for choice on which of these oils to add to your dish to compliment and / or contrast with it. The Brist premium range is highly awarded and the centre of our brand and goal to bring you exceptional extra virgin olive oil at competitive prices. The three oils are:

  • Delicato: mild and delicate flavour
  • Sta. Margherita: (varietal) – harmonious and balanced flavour
  • Intenso: Strong and intense flavour

Brist Exclusive Selection

The special selection is a new departure into creating an oil of the absolute finest quality to which there are no lengths that we will not go to improve it. Read about our Exclusive Selection and why we believe that this is a world beater among extra virgin olive oils.