Vision & Mission

Growing into the future

For us, this is a long term thing.
Our boys can follow whatever dream they wish. The olive option will always be open...

Vision & Mission

VISION – what do we want to achieve?

  • To create a product of the highest quality and superb taste which is highly beneficial to the health of our clients / customers 
  • To create a product that can be enjoyed and shared within families on an everyday basis.
  • To create a range of products related to the olive – like olive leaf tea, table olives, dried olives, olive spreads – all from olives from our own grove.
  • To share our knowledge and experience about olive growing and oil production.
  • To collaborate with agronomy experts, scientists and health specialists.
  • To communicate the above with care, passion and clarity to the wider public.

MISSION – how do we do it?

  • By using the most contemporary knowledge on olive growing and oil production.
  • By always directing our focus towards responsible and ecologically sensitive growing and production.
  • By further developing educational tours through our grove, tasting education at locations including  our shop, and building new facilities for the development of our product range.
  • By always asking for and listening to the feedback from our clients.
  • By collaborating with the scientific community in the areas of technology and health.
  • By constantly educating our team and broadening our knowledge such that we can communicate with care, passion and clarity to the wider public..