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My name is Paul and I am the Irish member of the Puhar family and BRIST Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our family business. BRIST is located in Vodnjan, the home of Istrian olive oil and now recognized as the No.1 region in the world for the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

We are really passionate about:

  • family – yours and ours
  • producing world-class olive oil
  • you having an exceptional experience with us.

Our family, of four active generations, are passionate about farming and its respectful relationship with nature. It is our greatest joy to share with you what motivates us and what we have learned, along the way.

Visit us for a free tasting in our shop, book an awarded tour on our grove, or order some of our oils via our web shop. Also feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

I hope we will have the chance to meet you in person.


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Come and enjoy a free guided tasting of our full range of BRIST extra virgin olive oils in the beautiful and historic town of Vodnjan. The town is known as the home of Istrian olive oil because of its uniquely suited micro climate, its history of olive cultivation since Roman times, and its present reputation for world class production.

Opening Times

October – May

  • Monday – Friday 10 – 14
  • Saturdays 10 – 14

June – Sept

  • Monday – Friday 10 – 16
  • Saturdays 10 – 14

The Brist Shop is:

  • wheelchair accessible
  • young kids & family friendly

Shop Location


  • Trgovačka 40, Vodnjan 52215
  • (opposite the post office)

We are close by:

  • 5 minutes from Fažana
  • 10 Minutes from Pula
  • 20 minutes from Rovinj
  • 30 minutes from Porec
  • 40 minutes from Opatija
  • 50 minutes from Rijeka

We are open summer and winter. However, as a small family business, sometimes we need to step away from the shop for deliveries, work on the grove or in the cellar. Therefore, during the off season, it is a good idea to call ahead to ensure that we are open for you.

Shop Location

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BBC visit Brist

As a family we were greatly honored to be asked by the BBC to represent the olive oil experience in Istria. Such a professional team and really fun to work with, it was so encouraging that they really wanted to get a feel for us as a family and what it means to do something we so deeply care about.



The heart of everything we do is our olive grove located, just 3km from the shop, in the gently surrounding hills of Vodnjan. There is so much to learn about, especially the history of the land, going back to Roman times and before. Perhaps the most magical part is the views over the Brijuni archipelago, especially at sunset.


Location: Sta Margherita Olive Grove
(optional shop tasting afterwards)

  • a morning time olive farm walking tour
  • a full education on the the grove processes
  • learn all about Istria’s 2000-year olive oil history
  • visit to the (13th century) Sta. Margherita Chapel
  • see Venetian architecture and Illyrian archeology
  • an optional recommended tasting at the Brist shop
  • no extra charge for shop tasting afterwards
  • (1 extra hour)


Location: Sta Margherita Olive Grove
(includes light traditional meal and wine)

  • early evening olive farm walking tour
  • a full education on the grove processes
  • learn all about Istria’s 2000-year olive oil history
  • visit to the 13th century Sta. Margherita Chapel
  • see Venetian architecture and Illyrian archeology
  • a guided tasting of Brist ‘Exclusive Selection’ EVOO
  • enjoy light traditional Istrian meal with wine
  • taste all Brist oils with different foods
  • experience sunset over the Brijuni Islands and the stars come out, weather permitting 🙂

Summer evenings are really special occasions. All of us love to meet people and share experiences when the busy part of the day is done. We run tours just a couple of evenings a week as Lena and I have a young family. For us the the days with tours are great and the days without are great too! Getting the balance right is the trick.

Grove Tour

Active and educational,
shop tasting afterwards.
Early bird get the worm!

Sunset Picnic Grove Tour

Chilled and educational, light picnic meal, good company, candles, stars.

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Enjoy a winter tour too...

Autumn, winter and spring are also wonderful times to visit the grove and a real opportunity to see behind the scenes of what olive growing is all about. During the cooler parts of the year we do walking tours with optional full tastings in the shop afterwards. Be ready, when nature takes control, it can get a little wild up there on our olive grove, but the wildness is beautiful…


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BRIST extra virgin olive oils, are all domestically produced from traditionally native Istrian olive sorts. These olives have been grown for thousands of years on this small peninsula with its uniquely suited micro-climate. The combination of perfect sunlight, light rain, nutrient rich soil and fresh sea salted winds give this small region unsurpassed olive growing conditions and now a growing reputation again for world class oils. It is known that during the time of ancient Rome, Istrian olive oil was considered, throughout the empire, to be the finest.


Brist Olive are delighted to present a range of extra virgin olive oils. Brist Oleum is a high quality oil, popular with top restaurants and great for both cooking and finishing dishes. Brist Premium offers a choice of three tasting experiences – delicate, harmonious and intense. Finally, there is Brist Exclusive Selection, created from hand picked and hand selected olives grown on century old trees, seasoned a life time in the perfect growing environment of Vodnjan.

Our new design, launched for harvest 2018, is inspired by guests wanting to know more about our family and the Sta. Margherita Olive Grove, where our olives are grown. More and more guests are choosing to visit our grove to get a real feeling for what olive oil is really all about and why we are passionate about making it.

EU Webshop

We ship to the EU and guarantee our oils reach you in perfect condition.


Results from expert panels, sensory, organoleptic and chemical analyses.


See our full list of national and international awards by clicking here.


The challenge for our new designer was to “refreshen” the brand, keep many of its well known elements, but at the same time find a way to connect the oils back to where they come from, while also highlighting each oils special characteristics. We also wanted the bottle to be beautiful, elegant and engaging. If that wasn’t enough, as clients, we are passionate about design so young designer Tina Erman Popović has a big job on her hands, and we think she did great work.

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As much as awards can be considered important in the process of assessing the quality of an olive oil, they are just part of the picture. Beside awards is analysis, whether that be chemical or sensory. Most importantly, however for us, is trusting our own instincts and experience, and above all listening openly to the feedback of our guests.

Brist are proud to have been named every year since its beginning in the internationally respected world guide book on extra virgin olive oils – Flos Olei. We also received two “World top 20” awards in 2019 & 2020 and most recently a gold in the prestigious New York olive oil competition in 2020. Come, do a free tasting with us in Vodnjan or visit our grove and learn why this region is so special for olive oil.

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As a family we love sharing our passion for high quality extra virgin olive oil, ethically locally produced food and why these things mean so much to us. It is our great pleasure to share with you, your family or group as much knowledge and insight as we possibly can. We are deeply appreciative of the positive feedback we have received to date and hope that your experience with us will be equally positive, educational and fun.

Wir haben viel über Olivenöl gelernt und einen traumhaften Tag im Shop und auf der Tour mit Paul und seiner Familie gehabt! Es war definitiv ein Highlight unseres Urlaubs. Eine solche Leidenschaft für ein Produkt sieht man selten und spürt man auch sofort beim probieren und bei der Atmosphäre. Bei uns kommt kein anderes Olivenöl mehr ins Haus! Thanks Paul and family!!!
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We ask guests to give us feedback - this helps to learn and be better.

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