Welcome to BRIST Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We very much hope to meet you in person in our shop or on one of our Farm Tours.

We proudly present to you the BRIST Olive brand of top quality Croatian extra virgin olive oils, all domestically produced from traditionally native olive sorts. These olives have been grown for thousands of years on the Istrian peninsula with its uniquely suited micro-climate. The combination of perfect sunlight, light rain, nutrient rich soil and fresh sea salted winds give this small region unsurpassed olive growing conditions. It is known that during the time of ancient Rome, Istrian olive oil was considered through the empire to be the finest.

BRIST olives are grown specifically in antique Roman Villae Rusticae olive groves overlooking the beautiful Brijuni archipelago. In doing this we continue millennia of tradition. It is also our belief that in the modern era the finest olives come from traditionally grown groves on smaller family owned agricultural land. It is from these local families we source our olives.

BRIST olives are hand-picked from both older regenerated and newly planted olive groves. Only the finest of these are selected then cold pressed on the day of harvest using the most cutting edge technology. A combination of the state of the art processing combined with traditional growing techniques dating back to the Roman times, allow BRIST Olive to produce for you an unsurpassed range of oils. Let us invite you to a most amazing culinary experience while tasting our precious olive oils.

On behalf of the Puhar family (and as a member of the family), I would like to invite you to browse the site, learn about extra virgin olive oil and come and visit us, for a tasting and education in our shop, or tour of the Sta Margherita Olive Grove.


Paul O’Grady.