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Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Brist

A Special Guest Visit

We were delighted to receive Gordan’s request to come and visit us to learn what all the fuss is about Istrian extra virgin olive oil. The two days we spent together were just fantastic and we learned so much from each other, finishing off with Gordon cooking the most amazing meal for us and other local agricultural producers on the pier of the beautiful island of Sv. Katarina. 

He loved our oils and cooked with them the whole time he was in Istria.

Below are some images and videos of his trip and visit to the Santa Margherita olive grove.

You can catch his trip to Istria and BRIST on National Geographic – Uncharted. It’s a great show that we were very honoured to have been chosen to represent the best of Istrian olive oil.

Lastly, a huge thank you to the whole NG team and their local partners, who were just so amazing and made us feel so at home, even as a small family business. It really came across that as world renowned as National Geographic and Gordan are, neither have lost their passion and respect for people and small local producers.

Thank you so much for inspiring us.

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