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A tractor please

June 2013 saw the visit of our young cousin from Germany to the Santa Margherita olive grove. Two and a half years old and apparently an expert on soil mechanics. He was not impressed with the balance and consistency of the soil and was insistent that he needs to see the red tractor again.

Hot as we like it

After a rainy spring we are now into the hot season. Plenty of hours of sunshine to fill our olives full of energy and goodness. Added to that over the last week in Istra we are experiencing fresh winds from the north which keep the olives moving and well aerated. All in all, if it […]

Brist Range

Intense – Harmonious – Delicate (and the fourth is very special) are the three key flavours of the BRIST Olive Oil range. This variety is created through the blending of traditional local olive types. Whether you like to drizzle your olive oil over red meat, white fish salad or even your vanilla ice cream we […]

2013 looking good

A spring heavy with rain has left the olives in great shape for a long hot summer. As the trees bloomed this year in June light winds helped pollination to give what will hopefully be a bumper crop of natures best.

Our Olive Grove

Located at an attitude of 150m above the sea and directly across from the world famous Brijuni Islands national park – our 6 hectare grove is settled in the most ideally suited location. Come and visit us and take a walk through the new and regenerated groves and experience the beautiful nature and natural growing […]

Intense & Spicy

For those who like it spicy Intenso is the ultimate olive oil. Exceptional quality and a unique blend of five olive types:  Žižolera, Buža, Karbonaca, Morasola, Rosulja. A highly popular oil in our range.  For those who know the region of Istria and have experienced wild rocket or spring onions, you will know that nature […]

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