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Harvest Time

All our olives are hand picked in the traditional way without the use of damaging machinery. We know that in respecting the integrity of the trees brings great health to them and an abundant harvest. We accept it will take a little longer to bring in the fruit but we know the end result is […]

Sta. Margherita

The Sta. Margherita extra virgin olive oil is the very soul of what we do. It was the first oil we ever produced and is a single sort (varietal) from the Vodnjan Buža olive. It has a unique grassy aroma and harmonious taste, perfect for your favorite salad, on pasta and risottos.

Moon Set

Early morning is a magical time on the grove. In harvest season, rising before the sun is normal and although the days can be warm, it is a sharp freshness early in the morning. We all comment how alive it feels to be on the grove at moon set.

Visit Us

Visit us at the shop and enjoy our family welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

Olive Grove Tours

It is our pleasure to welcome you and your group to the Sta. Margherita olive grove located in Vodnjan. Contact us for a vist to the grove as a couple, small group or large group. We do tours all year round – weather permitting. Contact us for a tour and tasting

Heart of the Earth

It’s where we invest so much of our time and passion. In all weather we are there and one really has to love your olive trees and the earth from which they grow to make the very best oil possible from this generous land.

Corporate Group Tastings

Just one day after the new oils of harvest 2014 came out, we were sharing them with the International Women’s Club of Zagreb. Tastings for over 100 people are a lot of fun but doing them well is very different to how we do tastings with smaller groups and in the shop. The Sheraton Hotel […]

Season’s Greetings

We would like to offer all our clients, partners, family and friends a peaceful Christmas and a healthy new year. See you in 2015!

Oil fare opens in Vodnjan

The oil fare of Vodnjan for young olive oil celebrated its tenth year this year and before it had even opened we had a queue waiting to taste our olive oil. The oil was indeed young and our very first tasters were pretty young as well – my son’s kindergarten class. Guests to the fare […]

Sunset from Sta. Margherita

We welcome you to visit us on one of our sunset tours and experience the sun setting over the Brijuni Islands on a warm summer evening while tasting fresh olive oil. Life doesn’t get much better!

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