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Brist Olive Grove Tours Terms of Service

All bookings are subject to these conditions which are deemed to have been accepted in full by the named person as part of the booking.

The named person must be at least 18 years old and by confirming the booking the named person confirms that he/she is so authorised and that all guests agree to be bound by these terms of service.


Our tours, booked online, are open tours and may include a number of parties.

We ask that all guests aim to reach the meeting point a minimum of ten minutes in advance of the official meeting time. Late arrival of more than 10 minutes may lead to the group proceeding without you and your tour being cancelled.  


Our tours are undertaken on our farm and, while we aim for the greatest levels of accessability, we must advise guests that tours are conducted across sometimes rough terrain and are unfortunately not suitable for persons with limited mobility or those in wheelchairs.

The walking distance of the tour is approximately 1,2km and generally undertaken over 75 minutes, however this still may prove difficulty for elderly guests or those with reduced mobility especially in hot summer conditions. Please consider if the tour is suitable for those you wish to reserve on behalf of.


We recommend only those which have a wheel diameter of 20cm or more.


We ask all guests to consider possible weather and terrain conditions.

As the named guest for the booking please advise all other guests to:

  • Wear suitable footwear for farmland terrain

  • Bring a bottle of water or similar in hot conditions

  • Bring suitable clothing for adverse conditions


Our tours are based on our farm, where nature is not excluded and any wild animal which is present in Istria may also be present on our olive grove. Please be aware at all times of the environment around you and, while we very much encourage young families on our tours, parents must retain control over their children at all times and under no circumstance should guests climb on stone walls.


It is the guest’s sole responsibility to advise and check with us, both via email at the time of booking and again on the evening of the tour, as to potential alergic reactions to certin food types.

Whereas we will do our very best to acommodate you if you have specific dietary requirements, we can only consider such requests received by email a minimum of 48 hours in advance.


Payment is cash with euro (€) at the conclusion of the tour. Please have the exact amount prepared.


Our tours are held outside and are therefore subject to adverse weather conditions.

Should we belive a tour cannot be completed based on the weather forcast we can cancel the tour at no liability to Brist d.o.o.

Should the tour proceed and be interupted by adverse weather conditions we will make an assessment of the value given and request full or reduced payment which the named person can choose to accept.

Should a tour, which includes food, not reach the capasity of 6 persons in total or has a high risk of weather disruption, Brist d.o.o. has the right to change the tour to a walking tour, without food, charging the lower price for that tour offering. Guests will be advised in reasonable time and can choose to partake in the alternate tour, rebook to an alternate date or cancel the booking.


Dogs and similar animals are welcome on our tours. However please be aware that some guests may have a fear of animals and therefore please have your pet on a leash during the tour and be aware of the feelings of other guests.


Smoking is strictly forbidden during the walking part of the grove tour.

On evening tours, after the walking part of the tour, smokers can request to be shown to a safe place, should they wish to smoke, such that they can dispose safely of their cigarettes and not cause a fire on the grove and potentially distroy our livelyhood.  

While we do serve alcohol on our evening tours to those booked as adults, we cannot accept excessive consumption and/or any such behaviour related to such. Furthermore, persons or parties deemed to have consumed or be significantly affected by alcohol, including but not limited to their behaviour being deemed inappropiate for a family orientated tour, maybe refused participation in the tour or being asked to leave during any part of the tour.

We particulairly ask guests not to consider our tour should they plan significant daytime drinking preceeding their arrival.

On evening tours alcohol is served to those booked as adults and who also appear to be of 18 years or more, however it is the sole responsibility of the named person on the booking that we are advised who may or may not drink alcohol.

Under no circumstances is Brist d.o.o. responsible for a guest’s decision to consume alcohol such that they cause injury to themselves or others or choose to operate a motor vehicle not in complience with Croatian law.


It is understood on receipt of your booking, and unless otherwise clearly communicated within 2 hours of booking by email, that you are a genuine guest visiting us in a capacity as a private person or a group of private individuals. Our tour insurance covers these such genuine guests. Should you misrepresent yourself such as, but not limited to, being an: unannounced agency group, hen/stag party or other such group, representative of a similar business, or somebody who’s activity is not primarily to enjoy an olive grove experience as a private guest, we reserve the right to request you to depart from our property immediately, with or without payment being made at our discretion.
Bloggers, influencers and journalists who choose to remain anonymous are welcome to do so as long as the intention is to experience the tour as our valued and regular guests do.


This agreement between the owner and renter shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Croatia.


The English language version of this document is deemed to superceed all other translations.


BRIST d.o.o. for olive oil production, consulting, trade and tourism.

Business Address: Trgovačka 40, 52215 Vodnjan, Croatia. (this is not the tour location)

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