New! Experience Gift Box 4 x 0,25L – Harvest 2023
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New! Experience Gift Box 4 x 0,25L – Harvest 2023


The Brist Experience Gift Box is beautifully designed to feature our four most popular oils with a wide range of tasting experience. Perfect for those who really are passionate about quality oils and the wonderful tastes and aromas they offer.
The box has a guide to which oils suit which meals best as part of the elegant design.


Light and fresh, with notes of grass, fresh herbs and green apple. A very light bitterness and a slightly spicy finish in the mouth. Recommended with light salads, fish and seafood, steamed vegetables, minestrone soup, or as an interesting spice on vanilla ice-cream and lemon sorbet.

Sta Margherita

Harmonious and well rounded. Pronounced fresh cut grass aroma, fruity on the palate with a balanced spicy aftertaste. Combines beautifully with salads, grilled vegetables, polenta, risottos, pasta dishes, and main courses with chicken or mushrooms. Brings a kick of freshness to young cheeses.


A robust and intense oil, with an aroma of wild herbs, intense fruitiness, balanced bitterness and pronounced spicyness. Ideally goes with strong flavours in dishes of grilled red meat, prosciutto, truffles, rocket salad, mature cheeses, and as a great finish on dark chocolate ice-cream and cakes.


A mixed varieties oil for everyday use. Oleum is created by combining the fruit of many traditional Istrian olive varieties at harvest. Favoured by top chefs and restaurants for its versatility for cooking at high temperature as well as it being great as a finishing oil for a wide range of dishes.

Olive Varieties:

  • Delicato: Buža Puntoža, Leccino, Pendolino
  • Sta Margherita: Vodnjansk Buža
  • Intenso: Istarska Bjelica, Rožinjola, Moražola, Frantoio and Karbonaca
  • Oleum: All varieties



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